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Now a days patient engagement is the primary focused area in healthcare industry. Engaging a patient is a key to success for any healthcare organisation to provide better care. If you are an Health IT developer and wants to develop a robust patient engagement App then you must focus on the following features.

  1. Patient must be able to update their demographics 170.315(a)(5): Demographics information efficiently in a simple way.
  2. GUI of the application must be intuitive for simple and easy navigation.
  3. Application must be patient centric along with the decent way to exchange healthcare data with providers for consultation via CCDA document 170.315(g)(6): Consolidated CDA Creation Performance.
  4. Patient education features must be the part of the App as per ONC standards. Use the following MU 170.315(a)(13): Patient-Specific Education Resources to accomplish this feature.
  5. Patient document management via MU 170 315(e)(3): Patient Health Information Capture .
  6. Patient must be able to communicate with the medical providers via the following.
  7. Patient must be able to review their following information for specific encounter or all encounters for different medical facilities.
    • Procedures History
    • Medication History
    • Vitals History
    • Allergies History
    • Family History
    • Social History
    • Surgical History
    • Immunisation History
    • Smoking Status
    • Problems
    • Providers Details
    • Encounter details
  8. Patient must be able to add/update emergency contacts
  9. App must allow to send data to third parties via 170.315(e)(1): View, Download, and Transmit to Third Party and data export 170.315(b)(6): Data Export
  10. Health data must be very secure without any exception, So application security must be the key feature by implementing the following MU besides others server side security measures.
  11. Application must allow the user to create user with emergency access authorisations can access health information during an emergency via the following MU 170.315(d)(6): Emergency Access
  12. Application must be meaningful use certified.

These are the mandatory features of patient engagement app one must have in their applications. Besides that sky is the limit as per the health IT development team out of the box thinking.

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