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Hospital Management System

Every healthcare organisation has lots of day to day activities to provide better care facility to patients. Some are related to patient care and some are of administrative in nature. Recording all those activities makes the healthcare organisation efficient and able to  provide better care facility to the patients. Managing all the activities in one place using health IT technology is called hospital management system.

As technology is growing with time, So hospital management system is also growing day by day. Today’s hospital management system is feature rich as compare to the 10 years back hospital systems. Due to this reason, now hospital system become a large enterprise system.

On the basis of our Health IT experience we can divide the hospital system in the following key modules to manage all activities via one window.


  1. Patient Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Nursing Service
  4. Ward Management
  5. Room Management
  6. OT Management
  7. Order Entry
  8. Ambulance Service
  9. Blood Bank Management
  10. Pharmacy Management
  11. House Keeping/Laundry Management
  12. Lab Management
  13. Dietary Management
  14. Radiology Management
  15. Bed Management
  16. Purchase Management
  17. Equipment Maintenance
  18. Document Management
  19. Central Sterilized Supply
  20. Analyzers Interfacing (Laboratory Automation)
  21. Appointment Management
  22. Task/Message Management
  23. Nursing Management
  24. Provider Management
  25. HR/Personal Management
  26. Referral Management
  27. Master File Setup
  28. Admin Modules/Application Management

Every system is being interacted by some users and those users are also called system actors in a technical lingo. Here we would like to list few important actors of the hospital management system in order to give some idea to the health IT developers about them.


  1. Staff (Admin/Lab Staff/Admin Staff/Secretaries/Other)
  2. Nursing Staff
  3. Providers

Some visual interactions between actors and the hospital system modules according to their functionality and usage are given below. This is just a macro level idea as per our working experience on such systems. One can customize or sub divide these modules as per their own requirements in order to make the system flexible enough to accommodate all needs.


Hospital management system modules description

Brief description of all the modules for the ease of Health IT developers.

EMR/ Patient Management

Patient Registration module captures, information Of all the patients visiting the hospital and provides record of all the registered patients through a unique patient identification number.

Financial Management

Financial Accounting module caters the entire range of accounting practices that is conducted in a typical hospital set up/Environment. Right from the time the patient walks in to the time the organization presents its profit and loss accounts.

Nursing Service

Nursing Service is a comprehensive module that provides the facility for nurses to administer and maintain thorough patient care. Nursing Staff takes the vitals and other clinical observation of patients at the time of admission.

Ward Management

TheWard Management module provides the facility for Nursing orWard Staffs to manage the floors. This module manages special units like ICU, O.T activity and tracks the services given to the patient in their respective wards.

Room Management

Room Management module provides the facility for Nursing or Admin Staffs to manage the floors. This module manages Private rooms, Semi private rooms and tracks the services given to the patient in their respective rooms.

OT Management

OT module tracks all surgeries that take place in the hospital. It helps in scheduling the theaters, surgery team, records the surgery details and all checklists associated with the surgery.

Bed Management

Bed Management module allows hospital authorities to view and track the bed occupancy related operations. Bed Management governs

activities like Bed Enquiry, Bed Census, and Bed Maintenance.

Radiology Management

Radiology module offers facility to cater to all the requirements of the Radiology Department.

Dietary Management

Dietary services module is designed to assist the hospital kitchen in providing appropriate meals to inpatients. This module maintains a range of user definable menu and diet types.

Lab Management

The Laboratory module is a sophisticated computer data management system designed to handle a large amount of data quickly and efficiently for all Pathology Laboratory disciplines.

House Keeping/Laundry Management

Housekeeping module provides the facility to manage and monitor the housekeeping activities in a hospital. The module facilitates management of day to day housekeeping activities like patient room preparation, sweeping/mopping floors, dusting furniture, cleaning fixtures/ walls / windows / ceilings / bathrooms, etc.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy module caters to the drug information system, dispensing and stock control functions of the pharmacy department.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance System or module handles complaint management, equipment maintenance management and keeps track of AMC of the equipment and the services offered by the vendor / manufacturer of the equipment.

Blood Bank Management

Blood Bank Module caters to the management of all bloodstock, donor records and laboratory and patient related operations. It also provides for registration to test request for blood group and cross matching followed by the entry and reporting of results.

Appointment Management

Appointment Scheduling Module facilitates effective scheduling of appointments of patients with the doctors. This module allows doctors and nurses to view available time slots and allocate appointments accordingly.

HR/Personal Management

Human Resource management system focuses on Personal and Payroll functions. HRMS module is primarily responsible to track and manage all the human resourcing activities with respect to the Personal and Payroll functions.

Nursing Management

Nursing Management module is the scheduling of working hours for the Nursing staff, which work round-the-clock. It maintains shift rotation of nurses; analyze the workload and skills of the nurses. Schedule staff training and maintain appraisal for the nurses in particular.

Central Sterilized Supply

Central Sterile Services Department’s (CSSD) main function is to provide sterile items, linen, equipment to wards and OT’s. The CSSD receives reusable equipment, linen from various wards and OT’s for sterilization.

Provider Management

It maintains shift rotation of providers; analyze the workload and skills of the providers.

Admin Module/Application Management

Admin module focuses mainly on all the Administration/Security & rights related activities

  1. Define users
  2. Define user access privileges
  3. Information security and confidentiality
  4. Data Archiving or Purging

Purchase Management

Purchase module offers facility to cater to all the purchasing activities like equipment, stationary , food material and other stuffs etc.

Document Management

Document management module offers facility to cater to all the scanned documents such as patient reports, Lab results, X-rays, Ultrasound films etc of

individual patient.

Analyzers Interfacing

Analyzer interfacing module caters all machines/equipments electronic communication. This module allows laboratory machines to return the test results directly into the system against the running test on the machine.

Task/Message Management

Task/message management module allows the user to assign tasks to their subordinates via system and also provides messaging facility among staff members.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance service module will manage all transportation schedules, transport maintenance and availability.

Order Entry

Order Entry transaction set provides for the transmission of orders or information about orders between applications that capture the order, by those that fulfill the order, and other applications as needed. An order is a request for material or services, usually for a specific patient. These services include medications from the pharmacy, clinical observations (e.g., vitals, I&Os) from the nursing service, tests in the laboratory, food from dietary, films from radiology, linens from housekeeping, supplies from central supply, an order to give a medication  etc.

Master File Setup

In an open-architecture healthcare environment there often exists a set of common reference files used by one or more application systems. Such files are called master files.

Referral Management

This module will handle all Internal/External referrals for patients. These referral transactions frequently occur between entities with    different methods and systems of capturing and storing data. Such transactions frequently traverse a path connecting primary care providers, specialists, payers, government agencies, hospitals, labs, and other healthcare entities.

HMIS VAS (Value Added Services)

All the modules of the hospital management system must follow meaningful use guidelines in order to certify the system with ONC-ATL

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